Spa Services
Body Exfoliation - $55.00Body Wrap with Seaweed - $90.00
IDEAL BEFORE EXPOSING YOUR BODY TO THE SUN. Enjoyable tropical exfoliation treatment formulated with essential oils, herbs and coconut which refresh and soften your skin. Removes dead skin cells, activates circulation, purifying and oxygenating your skin.REAFIRMING A fantastic combination of seaweeds and herbs (eucalyptus, mint and rosemary) of natural origin. Your skin will look and feel firmer due to the high richness in oils which mineralize your body leaving healthier skin.
Body Wrap with Fango Mud - $90.00Refershing Body Treatment - $75.00
ANTI-CELLULITE A combination of volcanic mud of natural origin which helps to activate the body circulation and mineralizes the skin, helps in eliminating the water deposits that cause cellulite.IT IS IDEAL AFTER SUNTANING. This body treatment is deeply moisturizing and mineralizing due to the combinations of different lactic acids of natural origin that provide smoothness, beauty and wellness to your skin and body.

Relaxing MassageSport Massage
$70.00 (50 min) $45.00 (25 min) A gentle massage using smooth and flowing strokes to relax and unwind. This traditional massage loosens and soothes tight and sore muscles, while increasing circulation and improving over all skin and muscle tone.$75.00 (50 min) $55.00 (25 min) A deep form of massage to help balance problem areas, releasing toxins from your body while also using stretching and joint movement techniques. And ideal massage for after workouts and to aid active individuals who want to maintain optimum body performance.
Hot Stone Massage - $85.00Fango Massage - $100.00
Experience the luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth stones are heated in incorporated in to the massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and relax your body and mind.A wonderful combination of plants and relaxing massage that helps to activate blood circulation and will eliminate toxins from your body.
Aromatherapeutic MassageReflexology Massage
$75.00 (50 min) $50.00 (25 min) An anti–stress treatment applying aromatic essential oils to massage the entire body, which promotes the release of tension, therefore, bringing an increased sense of well-being and total relaxation.$45.00 (25 min) A massage that is done solely on the feet, while applying pressure points on specific areas of the feet which correspond to areas throughout the body for a deep relaxing feeling.

Facial Treatments
Deep Cleaning Facial - $75.00Celular Regenerating Facial - $85.00
All skin types. This facial starts with an exfoliation and steam therapy for deep pore cleansing and includes an anti-stress facial massage for rejuvenation.This is a deluxe treatment for stressed and damaged skin. Your skin is cleansed and toned with a facial massage.
Balancing Facial - $80.00Crystal Therapy Facial - $80.00
For those skin types that need luminosity and protection from artificial or natural light, providing relief from harmful environmental pollutants that may be damaging to the skin.This facial offers a relaxing experience, while nurturing your skin. It includes a Shiatsu facial massage and the application of a gel and crystal mask.

Special Packages
Cleansing Package - 2:00 hrsRehydrating Package - 2:30 hrs
  • Deep Cleansing Facial
  • Body Exfoliation
  • Relaxing Massage (30 minutes)
Regular Price: $174.00
Package Price: $ 140.00
  • Crystal Therapy Facial
  • Refreshing Body Treatment
  • Reflexology (30 minutes)
Regular Price: $210.00
Package Price: $ 178.00
Regeneration Package - 3:00 hrsCouples Special - 1:30 hrs
  • Celular Regenerating Facial
  • Body Wrap with Fango Mud
  • Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes)
Regular Price: $225.00
Package Price: $ 200.00
  • 2 Relaxing Massages (30 minutes)
  • Kamasutra Kit
  • A bottle of red or white wine served in the jacuzzi with Candles and Aromatherapy
Package Price: $ 190.00

Waxing Services
Bikini - $25.00Half Leg - $35.00Full Leg - $60.00Underarm - $20.00